7060A3128 S4 HID Lamp Housing Socket

Hello everyone,

Do you know where we can find or get this parts the number is 7060A3128 S4 HID Housing Socket, for the source four hid the lamp is CDM-T 150W/830? We need 100 pcs. Thank you very much for the help.


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  • Hi Ferdi,

    just go to our Website www.etcconnect.com and click FIND A DEALER at the top, and search for a dealer near you, and then you can order 100x of those parts from them.

    Just so you know, that part number is only the metal housing without the socket.

    Currently there are not 100 in stock, but shouldn't take that long to get filled.

    Why do you need 100x lamp metal housings?

    Or do you Need the socket in there? Which voltage is your fixture? 230v? 277v? 120v?
  • Hello Ferdi,

    Out of curiosity: Do you need 100 pieces because 100 pieces have gone bad? If yes, that should be investigated. Also, are these connected to an ETC Source Four HID fixture or some other fixture?
  • In reply to corey:

    Hi Corey ,

    Thanks for your reply, actually i am the maintenance here in our museum in Jeddah,Saudi Arabia and our lightings are all source four hid 9 years old and socket are the problem i need to replace all of them.

    We are using 230V, and we have a lot of stock of cdm-t bulb.
    if I can get the socket with wire it's fine.

    Thank you again!


    Jeddah,Saudi Arabia
  • In reply to FERDI:

    Hi Ferdi,


    then you can order from an ETC Dealer, Part Number RT156, its the socket with short leads, which then will Need to be connected

    to your leads in your fixture:


    It appears in your photo, the leads have gotten very hot. Is there area around the fixtures cool and well

    ventilated? If there is a lot of hot air around them, it could get too warm inside the burner assembly and cause such overheating on the cable joints

    as in your photo.

    Are the ballasts in working order?

    You can find a list of Dealers on our Website:


    And in Saudi Arabia we have a dealer Oasis Enterprices in Riyadh. Have a good day!  

  • In reply to mmeskill:

    Hi Mike,
    Yes 100 pcs or 50 pcs as our spare because all lightings are same model and also the lights are 9 years old and 8 h0urs continuos running everyday because we are a museum. Thanks for your concern.
  • In reply to corey:

    Hi Corey,

    Thank you for your support, it's a big help for me.

  • In reply to corey:

    Hi Corey,

    Good day to you!

    I tried to contact this dealer in Riyadh but only ringing, do you know another dealer here in the middle east even not in Saudi Arabia? Thank you again.
  • In reply to FERDI:

    Hi Ferdi,

    You can find a list of all of our dealers/distributors here: http://www.etcconnect.com/Find-A-Dealer.aspx



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