Source 4WRD on Sensor Dimmer

I'm specifying a rig of Source 4WRDs and would like to run a DMX cable to each fixture to have the best dimming possible.  They will be set to AC line-voltage mode, and not dimmed mode.

I must power these from an existing Sensor Rack that currently is full of D20 modules.  Normally I wouldn't put sensitive electronics on a dimmer parked at full, but this seems like it might be the exception. 

When I am in "AC line-voltage" mode on the units, can I safely power the Source 4WRD's with a D20 dimmer parked at full?



  • AC mode is the setting for when you want the dimmer to dim the cap. When you push the "up" button you enter the DMX mode and can enter an address. You should be able to set the dimmer profiles in your rack to run full at 1%.