Possibility to rename items...

I try Concert 3.0 and it shows me all the consolles up and running in the network.

Why don´t you use the consolles name instead to show us wich one that are up and running like my NET3-nodes?

I can see my name on my NET3-nodes, but just see five "Cobalt".

In large network it´s also of intrest to see what "NET" or "SESSION" every consolles are up and running on. All my five Cobalts in the picture abow is on five diffrent stages, but you need to have a list with all the IP-adress to understand on wich stage every consolles are.

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  • Thank you for the report. We are planning to add this capability to Concert. Under the hood, Cobalt uses a different method to announce its "name" than Net3 Gateways do, which is why this isn't already built in.
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    Something for Anders to fix in Cobalt... ;)

    We have a large network with diffrent stages. Is there any plan for visualisation with a simple workspace on each stage?

    It´s boring that ther isn´t a easy command to trace traffic between all my switches instead of a central blobb in the middle... "Local network"...
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    you can add your own "blobbs" and make them act as switches/patches/what you want.
    On the picture I guess it's a automated network map? if you just make a new empty project you can put all things in as you want in what ever order you want and with what ever connection you want. And what I have seen you can have tabs with different info on. So each stage can have it's own tab.
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    I miss the possibility to change image for my NET3-nodes, I don´t need to see every XLR-connector in some cases because the node take place on my screens. So function to extend or compact symbol would be nice in some cases.

    I have also problem to put a large box around my "SR+"-symbols and make the box wider... I need to move the box from my SR+, make it larger and then move it back over the "SR+" again. I got arrow in the corner to stretch, but it´s "move" when I try. Don´t know if it´s my computer...

    What I do was to mark all five SR+ and ricghtclick and choose "Draw One Big Box", and try to rezise that one. It feels like my new box is in a layer below my SR+ and not on the top.
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    (Sorry for late to the show)
    Another rename I would like to have is to Network. All you can do now is change the name "Network" to an IP address. I would like to give them names like "FOH" "Stage Left" and so on so seeing and reading the map make sense.
    I tried to put in a text and put it over the cloud but it only went under/behind it and I can't find a way to move objects in depth. (Bring to front/bring back and so on...)
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