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Eos Family v3.1.5 Build 2 is now available!!

Hi folks,

We are kicking off a new beta cycle for Eos with v3.1.5 Build 2.

This build contains several key bug fixes:

EOS-53778 Rare crash channel display while in 100-channel mode
EOS-53762 Re-recording a Snapshot reticks some Fader options, when Please confirm is posted
EOS-53802 Recalling a snapshots that closes an Augment3d tab may result in a crash
EOS-53613 Snapshot granularity does not work properly
EOS-53648 Labelling while recording a snapshot may cause the keyboard to open in the CIA when the Snapshot is recalled
EOS-53693 Curve Edit on Client creates new curves on Primary instead of editing
EOS-53805 Element record snapshot has granularity for Faders when it doesn't have the main option.
EOS-52768 Console Test App: Swap button labels for focus and custom encoder category buttons on Ti 6x1
EOS-53798 20+sec GUI Hang with [Group Thru Thru] syntax that creates 100,000 groups
EOS-53715 Errors on internal Apex touch screen after Monitor Flip
EOS-53714 Snapshots restore displays from missing monitors to existing monitor frames inconsistently

As a reminder, please keep all beta related feedback and commentary contained to this forum.

Build Report

PC-Consoles Link

Mac Link