b183: Certain macros containing {Offset} and {Close} won't fire

The following macros won't fire (Tested in the english and german version | Results are the same):

{Offset} {Num_Groups} [#] {Close}

{Offset} {Chan_Per_Group} [#] {Close}

They work without {Close} and they even work if you add any command in between the digit and {Close}.

So something like
{Offset} {Chan_Per_Group} [#] {Interleave} [Clear_Cmd] {Close}
will work.

{Offset} {Num_Groups} [#] [#] [Clear_Cmd] {Close}
however will not, as [Clear_Cmd] clears both digits, which is another bug.

Also: clearing {Offset} from the commandline deletes the digit to the left of it as well.

This is probably a topic for the general forum but another thing concerning {Close}:
If you use it as a command in a MagicSheet it ends up causing a syntax error.
This is not specific to {Close} as well.
The command-field in MagicSheets is very inconsistent in that it just won't allow certain commands.
It almost seems like a feature that was implemented but never fully realized,
which is sad, since it could potentially keep Macro-, Group- and Palettelists free from stuff that is MS-specific.

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  • I agree. I'm pretty shure that it is a not very widely used feature due to this, even though it makes life so much easier!

    Writing macros right there on the spot and in notepad-fashion, is so much easier to me, than using the quirky macro-editor.
    The number of times I had to delete "ClearCmd", because I forgot that you had to use a Softkey to delete something... Ugh.
    Going back and forth between the macro-list and the MS just to find the number you want to reference gets pretty tedious as well.

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