OSC /eos/out/fader/range is inconsistent with existing /eos/out/fader messages


Pre-3.1 messages are:

/eos/out/fader/<index>/<fader index>

/eos/out/fader/<index>/<fader index>/name


3.1 introduces:

/eos/out/fader/range/<index>/<fader index>

/eos/out/fader/<index>/<fader index>/range would be consistent with 3.0 and earlier

Changing to /eos/out/fader/name/<index>/<fader index> might simplify parser routing using the OSC libraries though.

  • Thanks  .

    Sorry for the delay. We are discussing this now.

  • We've just had a further discussion about this. Here's a bit of an explanation as to how we arrived where we are:

    We started with a consistent API with /range at the end, but found this caused compatibility problems with older versions of RFR that prevented us from adding new commands at the end of the fader packets. Because /name has been there for a long time, RFR already knew about it. Moving it now would mean we could break other OSC configs, and we want to keep that API stable.

    It wasn't our first choice, and in any future considerations of an OSC API (i.e., deprecating old commands or extending a new interface), this would be something we want to clean up.

    Hopefully that makes sense of things. We have a note to update the manual as per your other post.