B256: GLP x4 and x4s are much higher in Augmented than in real life.


I’ve just transferred my show into the theatre from Augmented, and have noticed that at the same tilt values GLP fixtures are shown as much higher in augmented than in real life. This isn’t the case for other fixture types rigged in very similar positions. Any way to offset this? Changing the angle only works if they stay pointing in the same direction.



  • Thank you for your report. There might be an error in the fixture profile. The reason why this might lead to different results on stage and in Augment3d is that Augment3d doesn't listen to DMX values but rather to parameter values.

    The technical specification for an x4s on the GLP website shows a Tilt range of 230°, but Eos has 300°. You can check if this fixes you problem:

    NB: This has the potential to change your existing cues. Save your showfile first.
    Look into the option "Preserve Native" in Patch. If enabled this will help to keep your cues (i.e. DMX output) intact, while fixing Augment3d.

    In the Fixture Editor edit the Tilt range like this:

    Then save the profile, in Live do a GoToCue Out and check again on stage.

  • That has made it much better, thank you.


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  • Once you have found out (or measured) the 'proper' values, please let ETC know the proper numbers for the fixtures you have corrected so we can update them in the fixture library too.

    Sadly many fixture manufacturers either don't say their ranges (so we have to guess) or give the numbers rounded off to some nice figure, instead of the real maximum Pan & Tilt ranges (so it's close, but not quite right).

  • Will do. The GLP X4S seem to match the manufacturers specifications closely enough, which is tilt range 230 deg and pan 660 deg. Similarly, the GLP FR1s look fine with tilt 210 deg and pan 630 deg. 

    The GLP X4's don't seem to be quite right with either the desk range or the manufacturers range, so I will do some more investigation into them. On another fixture note, when using the GLP X4's in hi res mode, they occasionally flicker. Investigating this, we found that the desk was sporadically telling their 16th DMX address to change from 0 to 127 for a split second, and then return to 0. This address controls one of their FX macros. This can be fixed by changing the fixture so that all of the FX macros are always at 0. I'm not sure what aspect of the fixture was causing this issue.