Gadget FW - RDM change?

Limited info here as this was a side observation while doing some bench/acceptance testing on the fixtures themselves - I wasn't able to revert and compare...

Was there a change to RDM (particularly background discovery) in the packaged Gadget 2 FW update (vs 3.0.1)?

Elation Fuze Profile fixtures did not like the signal (showed flashes of no DMX and twitched every 15 to 30s) with RDM enabled after the update but, to the best of my recollection, were just fine with RDM enabled on the previous FW under 3.0.1.  Turning off RDM on the port eliminated the issue under the newer FW.  Same showfile and controller - had just updated to the beta to test the improved library for that fixture (which is much better).

Anyways, mostly an observation/curiosity. 
It's entirely possible I just didn't notice the issue under 3.0.1 as it's use was very brief.

  • The latest Gadget 2 Firmware update (v1.2.1) did adjust some RDM timeout settings, but should be more-compatible rather than less.

    If it's possible for you, could you try downgrading to v1.2.0 of firmware and see if that changes the behavior?  We could also look at logs from your Eos software - you can upload those to this Upload Link.  Please be sure to include the RDM Cache, which is an option when you save logs from the Shell, click Advanced, then check "Include RDM Cache":