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Custom Direct Selects


Multiple Custom Direct Selects:

You may now have multiple Custom Direct Select Layouts.  Choose the Direct Select layout number in the popup (0.001>9999.999):

Confirm Creation

Custom DS Editor:

For initial setup (or large edits) of the Custom Direct Select layouts, clicking on {Open Custom DS Editor} (button shown in above screenshot) will open a new blind tab (39).  (See alternate popup option below)

You then can select cells with window or single tile selection:

Using the "Target Selection Menu" on the right, assign to be Channels, starting at 1, offset of 1:
(Offset will appear when multiple tiles are selected, otherwise if a single tile is selected you get Start and End)

Cut/Copy/Paste/Delete tools with "clipboard preview":

{Jump To ...} (allows you to jump to that Tile number):

It is also available in Tab 4 (configuration Popup and on the Navigation Bar):

Popup "Target Selection Menu":

The Menu found in Blind Custom Direct Selects (Tab 39) is also available as a popup in Live/Blind - Direct Select (Custom) (Tab 4).  To access, Right Click or Double Click:

Console Buttons (including "Beam"):

Direct Select Navigation (Jump To... and Next/Last Page):

Jump To...

The lists below are not labeled ("CT" being "Custom Template"):

Resulting CDS Tiles

Here with a mix of labeled and not (Tile does not show label only the CT Number):

Direct Select List Icon:

In Tab 39, Select your Custom DS number, then {S1 - Direct Select Icon} (or click on the cell)

See separate post Target Icons for other new options.