• Facepanel Shortcut (Flash ON/OFF) Question

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    Scenario: Using [Shift] + [Out] to flash a channel On/Off reveals that everyone would like the channel to stay off. I'd love to append a key--Enter(?) to my [Shift][Out] combination to keep the channel off instead of briefly having the channel On for...
  • Add "Snake" to VMS Pixel Map Editor

    • Planned for Future on
    I'd love for a "Snake" layout to be added to the editor. When Pixel ribbon is involved in a rig, it is almost always installed in a "Snake" shape. A la PixelToy.. .
  • Selective Spreadsheet Patch Export

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    Request: A clean spreadsheet export with fixture selective output. Scenario: The current patch export dumps a .CSV that contains multiple fixture formats. Such as ranges and versions with hyphens, commas. Additionally, multi cell fixtures are...
  • Popup Keyboard in Manual (Tab 100) Search

    • Coming Soon on
    It would be nice if there was a popup keyboard like in the patch search that would be available in the manual when you're on a console or laptop with a touchscreen for quick access. Thanks, Tyler
  • Manual cue + intensity master on Crossfader ( Fader Configuration setup)

    Possibility to set 1 fader for manual playback and second fader to control intensity master mode. thank you. at the moment it is not very easy to explain to the operator the alternative solution to do this Thank You Giovanni.
  • Rate Wheel Usability

    I feel like the Rate Wheel is kind of handy but it is also very limited for it's use given how much real-estate it takes up on the console. I think it would be awesome if there was a way to have it also be able to control and roll selected effect rates...
  • Be able to set the max and min for XYX for scenic elements

    At the moment setting the XYZ coordinates to MAX is a little bit bigger than my venue :) It would be nice in patch to be able to set limits.
  • Sharpness Matching reality

    I would like a way per channel to be able to adjust if needed the sharpness displayed in Augment3d to match the sharpness of a fixture on stage. I find that these items probably don't always align and it would be great to tell Augment3d this is where...
  • BPM in all effect types

    Could a BPM function be made available in all effect types?
  • Additional Cue List Options

    I would love to have the following options that could be toggled on or off. * Off at 0 (Releases the cue list when fader is set to 0). * On at Go (Activates cue list when fader is lifted above 0). * Restore to first (On cue list activation, cue...