ETC Nomad and Mosaic on same network.

Hello Everyone,

I am working on a project for a client that has a few requirements:

The venue is divided into 3 sections: Preshow, Show, and Interactive. Preshow and show are the standard theatrical style show, these will be running and will be running off of ETC Nomad Puck with a Show Control Gateway. The interactive and facility lighting will be running on Mosaic. 

The venue must have 2 Sensor3 96-circuit dimmer racks and 1 Echo Relay Panel, these racks are located separately throughout the venue and each will handle loads for all areas.

I'm looking a solution that would allow both Nomad and Mosiac to retain control over their respective areas and control the racks shared between them. Other equipment in this system will also include Net3 Conductor, Net3 Show Control Gateway, and Net3 DMX Gateways for output to LED fixtures in the Theatre.

eDMX thru from Nomad to Mosiac is out because Nomad Puck doesn't output eDMX. I would rather not output to DMX Gateways then use a DMX merger set to HTP or LTP, as that will add extra equipment to the system and negate the benefits of the Net3 Conductor for the racks.

Am I missing something simple? Will all of this be a non-issue if everything runs Net3, just like with having multiple Eos Family consoles on the network?

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  • If all parts of both systems are on the same network, then the two sources of control can coexist happily. By default, everything will merge HTP unless you set one controller or the other at a higher sACN priority. The caveat is that there's nothing preventing Nomad from controlling something that Mosaic is supposed to control and vice versa. It's up to the programmers to keep track of where they should and shouldn't be patching.

    If you wanted to actually block Nomad from accessing anything in the Mosaic part of the system (to guard against programmer carelessness), there may be ways to do this using filters in your network switches. In order to figure this out, we'd want to go into a more detailed discussion of the layout of your network and what switches are being used.
  • Hi Thomas,
    A small point of clarification: The eDMX referenced for Mosaic refers to any of several Ethernet DMX protocols, not the ETCNet2 DMX network encapsulation. However, eDMX passthrough is really designed for the hardware DMX outputs on the MSC and I don't think it will give you what you're after for network devices.

    My recommendation would be to set the addresses to be controlled by ETCnomad into different universes than those for Mosaic and do all the connectivity over sACN. Then you can use the Eos family console software's shell setting for allowed output addresses to prevent it sending anything into the Mosaic range.
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    Thanks, Mark!

    This installation is in a theme park, so the show (once programmed) will not change. The only reason my decision to go with Nomad exists is to allow Entertainment Techs to interact with the system during channel check and troubleshooting. Programmer carelessness is factor that I'm not too worried about. Patching in seperate universes seems to the best solution.
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    Thanks, Tracy!

    Thank you for the clarification about eDMX. The idea in the back of my mind was taking the DMX outputs from Mosaic and using a Pathport Gateway to have sACN coming out of the rack for distribution in the building. Of course, not perfect solution in case. Also, tottally forgot about limiting output in the shell.
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