How to download the Project file from MSC?

Hi! Everyone of this group,


One of our customer want to download the Project file from MSC.
Someone, plaese tell me how to do?


Thank you,

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  • Hopefully it's a version 2 show. You can't download the project file from a version 1.

    Go to the web interface for the MSC. On the home page there is a green download button.
  • In reply to jabadger:

    Unfortunately, It's version 1.
    You mean, We can't salvage a project file from MSC, Right?
    That's Terrible;(
  • In reply to aki:

    I know. It's sad. I've had to rebuild some show files before. You could always check to see if the last programmer put the show file in the file storage on the card. FTP to the controller with login admin password admin and see if there is anything in the files folder.
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