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I try to do a simple toggle button to turn on and off a fixture on a BPS. Is there a simple way to do this without doing a timeline condition?



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  • Hi Laurent,

    I would suggest you put the fixture at full in a Scene and then use the function 'Scene Toggle' function for your buttons.



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    Thanks for your answer,
    My problem is that the BPS button is synchronized with a MTPC slider (and a MTPC button) to control this fixture. And it is not possible (I think...) to set the intensity of a scene with a MTPC slider...
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    I just want to make sure I am understanding this right before I attempt to answer this...
    You have a single fixture that you want to toggle on and off?
    Or is the fixture already controlled with a slider, and you just want to turn to fixture on and off relative to where the slider is?
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    Thanks for your support, I contacted Pharos directly because i had to do it fastly, they explain me how to do it with the API.
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