MSC2 control lightnind via eDMX pass-thru and "dry contact"

Hi, collegues.

Tell me please, there are three groups of fixtures in one universe,
           the first group must be managed through ArtNet
           the second group must be controlled by means of dry contacts
           the third group is managed from the timeline.
Is this possible at the same time?

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  • Good Afternoon AndrB,
    Sorry that no one has gotten back to you.
    I think we need a bit more information to answer the question.
    You state that you have one universe, does this mean that all of these fixtures in the three groups are patched in a single art-net universe?
    When you state that you wish to manage the fixtures through ArtNet, what specifically are you looking todo?
    Mosaic doesn't have specific ArtNet management tools, however, if the fixtures are patched then they can be controlled via Scenes or Timelines.
    The Second group of fixtures 'be controlled by means of dry contacts' . Mosaic supports both Analog and Digital contacts on the MSC 1,2, TPC-RIO and RIO I/O modules. These contacts can be specifically configured via the Trigger tab.
    The Third group of fixtures can be managed via timeline without issue.
    All three groups of fixtures could be managed together with a simple set of triggers.

    Thank you,
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