Hi everyone!

does anyone can explain to me what are the main differences between mosaic and paradigm control? I'm trying to specify one of these for a project. 

hope you could help me. 


  • Hi Jose,

    Your local rep or dealer can help you in more detail, but in short the 10,000 foot view is this:

    Paradigm is best for projects requiring lots of user interaction via button stations and touchscreens, or one that needs occupancy/vacancy sensing or energy management. 

    Mosaic is best for projects that are largely automated, or require sequenced shows to play back across a color-changing LED system. 

    Hope this helps,


  • Hi, Jose.

    Andrew's comments are a good overview. I'd like to add that, depending on the project, both Paradigm and Mosaic, in conjunction with each other, might be the right solution for certain projects. (For instance, if there are a large number of LEDs to control, but Paradigm controls as a "front end" user interface is desired.) We do many projects using both systems simultaneously. It all depends on what your desired end result is.

    Hablo un poco de español, si eso ayuda.