Looking to Merge 2 Mosaic Designer Files

I'm working on a Mosaic file with a client, and we each have 2 different Mosaic Files.

Essentially, the client is building the Timelines, because they know specifically what scenes and how long each one will be used.

and my file is programming everything else, the networking, triggers, Interface etc.

What's the best method for combining our shows together?

  • Well hopefully you started from a file that was patched the same. So if not, here is the bad news. You can’t import/export timelines, triggers, or settings. Mostly the only thing you can is fixtures and patch. So you’ll need to import the fixtures patch and layouts of their show. Then you’ll have to recreate all their groups. Then with both show files open, copy paste the timeline effects from one show file to another. 

  • They were patched the same, and we coordinated the setup.

    There seems to be a setting to export the interface, so rebuilding the interface and triggers in the show file with all the timelines, since there will be about 80ish timelines already built by them.

  • Right that's exporting the touch interface if you're using an MTPC. Yeah with that amount of timelines, probably easier to just rebuild your triggers into that show. I previously feature requested the ability to cut paste triggers from one show file to another (which would be more likely for them to accomplish rather than exporting a csv or the like).