Mosaic Designer with visualizer

is it somehow possible to use a visualizer with the Mosaic designer software, if I do not have access to an online Mosaic controller? 

I hope EOS augment3d will be implemented in the Mosaic designer software in a future release. That would be Awesome!!!

  • Nope. Just have the simple 'Simulate' tab.

  • I agree it would be a great feature! The issue we run into is that Mosaic Designer does not output sACN, DMX or any of the other protocols. Data protocol output is limited to Mosaic hardware. As a result, you need a controller to feed the visualizer. 

    One thing you can do to help is to add images to your layout. This can help with simulation.

  • It would also be great to be able to really simulate interface feedback like Paradigm does so that you can be sure your conditional logic, time triggers and button presses all work as expected before arriving on site.