Very, very basic Lua Script trigger question...

Hi everyone!

I always thought I know my way around various programming and scripting languages but I can't seem to get even the most simple Lua script off the ground...

To get started I want to simply trigger a timeline at StartUp.

What I did:

-  Set trigger to "StartUp"

-  Set trigger's "Action" to "Run Script"

-  Make "New Script"

-  Use script "get_timeline(2):start()" to start timeline 2

-  Press "Build" to compile the code

I try to simulate the project - no result

I upload to the project to the Mosaic controller - no result

What am I missing? A special Lua script firmware uploaded to the controller? I read through several Lua trigger documents on ETC's web-site but nothing mentions anything special.

How can I get this simple one line script off the ground?

Thank you for your help in advance,


  • Additional query to above question:

    Using the Web Interface I looked up the trigger log and this is what I found:

    ACTION Run Script: Failed to run script [string "script"]:1: attempt to call a nil value (global 'get_timelime'

    It looks like the command "get_timelime" is not defined...

  • get_timeline(num):start()

    That is the correct format.

    I am going from a vague guess - but  there could be an enable Lua Script in the setup tab... I am away from my PC at the moment.

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