Capturing button press

I'm working on a show where I'd like to capture which of ten buttons is pressed and store it as a variable to be used as a timeline selection that would be played with an astro trigger. The concept is that there is a default timeline that would run everyday but if so desired, an alternative can be selected prior to the astro event and there run instead of the default. I can't find information about passing a button number through to a variable or function. Is this possible?


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  • Hello Tom, I like how streamlined the scripting approach is. I can see what's going on with it. Thanks for the examples!

  • Tom! Is "lstbtn" that you use something that Lua is supposed to know? Your set_control_state(button%lstbtn, Blue) and set_control_state(button%btn, Orange) calls return error messages. I have everything working where if a button is pressed within a range it is stored in a variable that is then used in an astro trigger with it's corresponding timeline and I'm trying to use the same variable to change the state of it's button as well as whatever was before that button was pressed, mutually exclusive.