Custom Web Interface Update


i programmiing a custum web Interface and i update my msc Controller about mosaic designer 2 tool.

Is there a faster way to update the Web Server ?

Or i can work live on the webserver and make a update ?

thanks for answers


  • Are you just updating your CSS/HTML? or are you updating your javascript/LUA as well? 

    For CSS/HTML I usually just upload my project with a web GUI in place and use google chrome developer tools to modify then copy and paste my changes into the document I was originally using. 

    Disclaimer: The next tip should be used cautiously.

    Every time you open a designer file it creates a temp folder with the current web GUI and all project related files in it. 

    I often have my sublime text editor linked to the web interface folder that is found here so I can make all of the changes I want and click upload in designer to see them. This is my preferred method for changing JavaScript and bulk editing CSS/HTML. Its still not "real time" but it saves the step of deleting the old file from designer and finding the current file again. 

  • Very fast.

    Thank you for your solution.

    I update css thml javascript with my editor link to the web interface folder. Thats it.