4-20mA or 0-10V control input to the Mosaic controller

Hello All,

I am new to this forum so I apologize if I am landing this question in the wrong spot. (I already posted this somewhere else that wasn't quite the right forum... sorry admins) 

I have an interesting project for a public art piece.  I have an ultrasonic sensor that provides variable analog output  In either 4-20mA or it could be 0-10V.  I am using the Mosaic DMX controller which is already on the site. I am trying use that sensor input to control fixture dimming in real time or very nearly real time.  The end result I am looking for is as follows:

1: Lights start off or low. 

2: a person enters the sensor field at the lower limit lights come up to a minimum setting. Lets say 10% for now. 

3: As the person approaches the sensor, the lights come up.  I want the dimming level to be proportionate to the location within the sensor range.  (i.e. if the sensor range is 8'  and the person is standing at 4'  the dimming should be at roughly 50% of the range. So in this description would come up to 55% 

4: Id like to add some buffer to keep the dimming function smooth and can be delayed somewhat but to normal to these values. 

It should be noted that the fixtures are Lumentix modules, so the input channels for the LED are  Dim, Saturation, Hue, and CCT.  I don't think that changes things but worth mentioning. 

Initially I would be happy with any suggestions for a converter either in the ETC line or some other hardware to turn 4-20mA or 0-10V input into a DMX RDM type of input.  That in itself would be a great start. 



  • Hi Ian!

    This should work just fine! The Mosaic MSC1, 2, and 4 accept low voltage inputs directly into the controller. If you're using a larger controller, or if you need more than 8 inputs, you can also add a RIO to your system for additional inputs.

    From there, you can create an Analog Input trigger in the Mosaic file and set the voltage range. 0-10V in this case. You can set the action to be "Master Intensity" and assign it to a group. If you set your lights to a timeline that is constantly playing, and the input just adjusts the intensity of that timeline, you will get what you're looking for, if I'm understanding your request correctly. You can also add a delay to the intensity setting to make a smoother fade as well.

    In addition, if you're looking for something outside of Mosaic, you should take a look at the Response IO Gateway. This device can take up to 12 0-10V inputs and map them to control of 12 sACN addresses. With a DMX gateway on the other end, this would allow you to convert a 0-10V input to a DMX output. 

    I hope that helps! If I can help further, or clarify anything above, feel free to shoot me an email: shawn.fernandez@etcconnect.com