Ethernet String to change a Lockout State

So looking through Triggers and Variables, I know it's possible to specify a string as the variable being passed onto an action.

I wanted to do this with a Lockout Module, which has states of Enable and Disable.

But I can't quite determine from the Help file, if I wanted an ethernet trigger to change the state, is it looking for "Enabled" and "Disabled" or is it Something else like True and False, or 0 or 1?

  • Looks like maybe it’s not quite written for variables judging the fact that <variable 1> doesn’t post to the trigger description when you select a variable. If someone doesn’t chime in to say what they did I’d just make two trigger entries to enable and disable it from an Ethernet input. 

  • Circling Back around I went in a slightly different manner.

    One Trigger recieves the Ethernet String, then decides based on the variables passed into it to trigger different Enqueue Triggers.

    So i have 3 Triggers, 1 Receives the Command, 1 Activates Lockout, and the other Deactivates lockout. The Ethernet Trigger decides which to enqueue based on the variables