Skew on both fade and release


Sorry if the subject title is way off - I'll try my best to explain what my issue is..

I've got some fixtures in a long line, and I want the light to fade on and parse across the line, like a small strip of light parsing across some fixtures.

I've tried combine different effects with the skew setting, and that makes the light fade on like I want, but it fills out all the selected fixtures, and the all just fades out.

How can I achieve this?

I hope this description contains just a little bit of meaning - I'm struggling to describe it proberly in English, so please ask if this is nonsense. 

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  • Yes for a one shot burst set the fade time and release time to zero and the count to 1. The length then will determine the speed. 

    Another method, not requiring dummy fixtures, is to create a pixel matrix of your fixtures. Then use a one color gradient with a fade time and wipe the gradient on (you may have to adjust the angle depending on your matrix). Add another gradient on a different Matrix line that is color black with a slight offset from the on color. If you want to allow for a gap, then make your pixel matrix bigger than the amount of fixtures you have. 

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