Mosaic Touch Screens over multiple VLANs

What are the best port or VLAN or switch settings in general for a Mosaic Touch Screens (2) that are controlling and used for things on multiple VLANs?

I've beed handed this 2 layer switch network, after it essentially crashed (factory reset). Alll devices in the building/theater run through this switch. There are 5 VLANs, but only VLAN 1 has an IP assigned to it, at least at this point. Ive rebuilt what I know based off old paper work, and Flash memory with in the switches, but things are not all functioning properly.

VLAN 1 - Management   IP:    Subnet:

VLAN 10 - Lighting  (layer 2, stacked from main switch with all ECTnet3 gear within)  (GIO console, and vis PC on main switch)

VLAN 20 - Audio

VLAN 30 - Video

VLAN 40 - Digital Signage 

My Mosaic Touch Screens control things on VLANs 10, 30, and 40, and would still like to access and manage them in VLAN 1. Dose anyone have any ideas what's the best way to set this up?


Travis Brown

  • Hi Travis,

    In essence, in order for the MTS to communicate across VLANs, you'd need to specify the port of the MTS as a trunk with access to multiple VLANs. How this is done depends on the make and model of the switch itself. Without a router in the system, anything the MTS is trying to communicate with should be in the management IP range (10.101.X.X). Doing this will potentially allow the MTS to send data to things it isn't supposed to, so some care should be taken to make sure that doesn't cause issues.

    If you (or anyone else) have any additional questions on how to implement this, I'd recommend reaching out to the Applications Engineering department with some specifics, like the switch make and model, whether these touch screens are Tesseras, and what the intent of this control is. Networking is detail-oriented, so it's hard to provide a one-size solution for everyone - but we're here to help.


  • My issue still continues to be, that even by trunking the MTS ports, I can still only get traffic on 1 VLAN. Trunk only allows for 1 untagged VLAN and the rest tagged VLANs.  I have not found that the MTS work with any tagged traffic. Same issues with a general port even though those can have multiple untagged VLANs.

    I'm missing something in how traffic is being sent and received I think. Im wondering if I need to involve multicasting or a private/customer VLAN. Dose all traffic need to be tagged or untagged to work properly? Should I make everything a general port?

    I'm working with Cisci SG305X switches, one 48port and one 24port. They are stacked and manageable.

  • Multicasting (so IGMP snooping and a querier for each VLAN) is our standard networking recommendation. Please send your switch config file to AE (email link above) so that I (and the rest of the team) can do a deep dive on what might be the issue here.