Mosaic - MTPC Button Triggers for Gobo/Color Wheel Selection

Hello all,

I am working with some lights with a gobo wheel, and was wondering if it was possible to use the touch screen buttons to select a gobo on the wheel? The same for a color selection wheel, so the end user would be able to use these buttons to essentially create their own look using the touchscreen, and record a new timeline. 

Thank you in advance for any advice!

  • You cannot record a timeline via scripting. However the best you could hope to do is make a Lua script that records manual values to a text file and then recall those values (as Set RGB or Parking in scripting) from a trigger.

  • Having gobo selection buttons is simple enough. Create scenes and make sure the gobo parameter is the only one included within the scenes. If you aaccidentally added a different parameter you can hit the minus sign to "block it out". Set the desired gobo position per scene and then setup the desired scene action on the TPC buttons. As jabadger pointed out Mosaic does not natively have the ability to record looks but a LUA script can be put together to accomplish that.