Can't import small JPG files


I have 5x80pixel project and I am trying to import a 1:1 scale JPG file. I keep getting a "unable to import" error. If I scale the JPG, I get bleed between colours. And JPG is the only picture format that I can import, if I see correctly.

I could, probably, make a video file from some verctor image and use the video, but this seems too tedious.

The reason I want to use JPGs is beacause this is used to show country flags. It would be too complicated to make the USA flag, for example, with groups.

Perhaps there is a better way? any suggestions are welcome,


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  • I uploaded your file with some example matrices example file 

    I noticed that the "compression" was rounding the fixtures to be on the edge of white and red. I made the map a little larger and bumped the pixels to fit better. 

    The easiest method, since this is not a big installation, was to make the fixtures as small as they could go, multiplied the layout size by that size(4*50 and 4*800), used the transform tool to fit the entire array to the new layout, added 4 "dummy fixtures" to the furthest pixels in each corner and create a new matrix with that. it was within a pixel of fitting on the image you provided.

  • Thank you. I tried a similar solution and it worked. It also looks like it works well with 35x560pic matrix, with pixels in middle of 5x5 squares.

    Now it's next step - importing videos of 800pix and 160 pix height....

    I am migrating from and old controller, hence would love to use all the previous source files.