Mosaic Designer 2 Complex Networking

I am often programming MSCs in a theme park environment. A problem I run into frequently is that while theme park IT/controls people provide me with wireless access to my lighting network, I am unable to live connect to controllers in Mosaic Designer. I can view the web interface but because my connection is being routed Mosaic Designer cannot find the controller. Could there be a way to point mosaic designer to the controller and not rely on the auto detection capabilities? 

  • Depending on the complexity of their network they can do some layer3 magic and forward the following...

    Multicast discovery and port 38007 and then port 38008  for uploads. I have had IT do this on a number of projects that I managed via VPN prior to cloud becoming a thing. 

    Also:  depending on the switch gear IGMP snooping/querier may be required since multicast is technically a layer 3 protocol. Example: I run into Cisco Meraki switches often. They work fantastic if everything is on the same switch but they tend to only work for some protocols through "the stack". The super odd thing is that you can to do a packet capture at point A and another at point CDZ(whatever) and see the correct packets arriving, its after the arival that the switch says "hey! i dont see anyu multicast groups for anythign plugged into me... i will discard and ignore everything now" I have had success with l2 meraki switches (without a layer 3 device on the network) after disabling IGMP snooping. I believe the common cisco catalyst have the same multicast "black list" without a L3 IGMP quarrier/ multicast groups present.