SD card error


I have a single MSC2 at one site that keeps randomly crashing. The only way I can restart it is by unplugging the power and turning it back again. If you look at the error code it is showing, it's the faulty SD card. This has happened this March, then in June, now today and a many times more from last summer (installation date), we don't have records. By now we have:

  • formatted and exchanged the SD cards (multiple times)
  • grounded the controller power and the Meanwell DIN power supply 15W 15V
  • restricted web access to be only from one IP (our office)
  • planned to replace the controller

There are 2 amplifiers, 2 splitters and 22+3 LED DMX decoders in the system.

I have a second site with the same problem but with different set-up: 2 x MSC4, two DMX nodes, two switches and 179 LED DMX decoders distributed evenly across universes. We have sent the show files to our supplier and there's nothing from with them.

We have now replaced both MSC4 on the second site, yet one of them crashed just after two weeks.

All controllers are running 2.8.1.

I am wondering if anyone has experienced the same problem and how did you solve it?


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