Unison System Crashed. Can my board take control or is the Unison stuck at HTP?

Recently we ran into an issue on a show at intermission where our unison system seamed to crash and I could not gain control of our house lights through that system. I instead used our EOS board to grab the dimmers and set them to full manually. After I had things looking correct I grabbed the house light channels and threw them into a submaster for ease of control. With the submaster at full, the Unison set to 0 and the dimmers unparked, I tried to slowly dim down my submaster to see if I had regained control but all house lights remained at full. It was not until the Unison System was reset was I able to regain control of the house lights through both the submaster and the unison system.

So my question is, if the Unison thinks the lights are at full when it crashes does it still take HTP over the board? Or is there a way that the board could always take precedence?