Paradigm with dmx ports

I work at a property in las Vegas that has paradigm installed in its ballroom space. It has portable connections as well as 2 DMX ports per room. There are also DMX ports installed into the ceilings as outputs I presume. What I'm trying to figure out is are the two DMX ports interfaces to the ACP or are they simply pass-throughs to the ceiling

  • You'll need to check the documentation for your specific installation.
    - The drawings you want are the "System Risers", usually the first page in each section.

    The documentation is usually provided as a big wodge of paper drawings, often with PDF backup copies.

    If you cannot find them, or this documentation wasn't purchased at original installation (some customers decline it), then you will need to contact the ETC Authorized Service Center who installed your system.

    If you don't know who that was, their contact details are usually programmed into the P-ACP in the About > Project Information menu.
    They will also want the "Job Name" and "Job Number" so they can look up your particular project.

    ETC Professional Services may also have some drawings, however these may be incomplete as field wiring is often designed by the installer.