Paradigm and Net 2 nodes

I'm trying to figure out if its possible to control through Paradigm a set of CD80 portable racks. The room has Net 2 nodes, ION RPU as primary spitting out sACN, DMX and EDMX, ION as backup, Net 2 4 port node next to the RPU. We record paradigm "snapshots" of whatever look is set by the console for parties and events, but anything that's in those CD80s is not responding. Ive found some paperwork, but i'm still not clear on whether its because net 2 only speaks EDMX and Paradigm wants sACN from Net 3. At this point, do we need to purchase a net 3 gateway or can anything be done through Paradigm settings? We've expanded paradigm to enough universes to fit in all the dimmers in the room, if only all of them would respond. Thanks in advance for your suggestions!

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  • Are you using either of the DMX headers on your paradigm processor? Is it near the CD80 racks?
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    I'm not sure about that. It's all mounted in a rack near the ELTS panel in a separate room behind several fire doors.
  • It could be that the paradigm config doesn't have the full universe of DMX in it. Most likely the config is set up such that the board sends DMX (via net2/3) to both the receiving nodes and the ACP. When the Paradigm is in control, then the ACP is sending to all the receiving nodes. If the zones of the CD80 are not in the config or patched, then either the zones are never recorded to be able to play back, or they are just not being broadcast by the ACP.

    So longwinded way of saying: Check the config first.


    Ok re-reading your message:

    When you say expanded to enough universes....does this mean you added the zones to the presets and put then in the input & output patches?

    Does the 96 rack really work?  Is the Net2 4-port node a switchable Net2/3 node or is it an older only net2? 

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    Since the original post we did test out the 96 rack, and it does not respond. False original info. I believe everything we have is an older net 2 node, all of it probably came in original install of the building about 10 years ago. The smaller nodes definitely say on the front "Net 2". I will be at work in a few hours, how do I determine if the 4 port nodes are switchable? That could be a great solution given the location of the booth rack and CD80s. Ive done a quick search and cant find a spec sheet or pics of such product. As far as the added zones, I believe that's what we were told by the company that helps maintain house control gear. I will double check on that.

    Edit: Yes, everything was broadcast by ACP, the roadblock seems to be the Net 2 gateway. Output confirmed through concert.

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    If the 4-port node looks like this, then it is NET2 only:
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    Yep, we have the old Net 2 only gear. Looks like Paradigm is not compatible with it.
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    I've wondered about a network protocol converter. Us older guys are familiar with pre-DMX to DMX devices. Is there something (even just software on a computer) that can patch between sACN, Art-Net, ShowNet, Pathport, Net2/EDMX and whatever comes next?
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