Paradigm integration P-SAP sub-space names

Hey guys, Looking for a detail I'm not seeing clarified in the P-SAP doc.  Integrator is talking to my Paradigm system using UDP and is successfully calling presets, but needs to be able to call OFF commands for individual sub-spaces in a dividable room.  The P-SAP basic command would be spc off <spacename><CR>, but I'm not sure if this would change to spc off <subspacename><CR>; or if we have to also indicate the parent space name like: spc off <spacename>, <subspacename><CR>, or if we're just screwed and only can call from the parent spacename and therefor always send commands to the whole room (which would be rather annoying).  Not urgent, but figured I'd try here since factory is closed right now.  Thanks!

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  • Ray,
    You just use the immediate space name. E.g.. If you have Ballroom A with Salons 1-5 as subspaces, you would just specify Salon 1.

    A couple of other important things to remember are to not have commas in the space or preset names and to not duplicate names. (Only one Preset 1 and only one Salon 1.)

    That's a good note for the documentation. Since I'm literally marking it up right now, I'll look for a space to explain it.
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