Older architectural control from around 1994, installed in '95 or '96.

I'm not sure if this is the right forum.  Our architectural control is ETC, but I can't find a product name that seems to go along with it like Unison or Mosaic.  It's a digital address system. It has a "Worklight" station and a "Stage Manager" station, as well as a single button at the house left entrance.


Anyway,  for the past few years all of the panels have become unresponsive except for the single button in the house left position.  The panel's lcd screen stage left seems to work, it shows the preset number and a blinking arrow next to 1, but the buttons that turn it on and off and the preset selection buttons do nothing when pushed.  This panel also has the worklight buttons for back stage and these work fine.  The panel up stairs in the lighting booth doesn't have any info on the screen.

We haven't really looked into the situation over the past few years because our default preset from House left has never failed us, but since I have some down time I thought I would do some research.  I have the manuals but they to really describe my situation.

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  • "DAS" pre-dated "Legacy Unison", but ETC supports all their old stuff. Is this what you were looking for?

    DAS Technical Support

    Feel free to call tech support for specific troubleshooting help. There is even a chance they have drawings of the systems from when they were installed. See if you can find any identifying names and job numbers on the main racks and wall stations. Pictures can really help too.

    When you get right down to it there are two main methods to getting stuff to work well. Either call in a service technician to do the work, or try to diagnose it all yourself. Either way may require sending parts to ETC for repair. Reprogramming and retraining you and your staff is far easier with an expert on site, but can often be done by a good general tech. Note that Legacy and Paradigm Unison systems require a service tech to do the programming.

    Finding a local dealer to work with is always a good idea.

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