Triggering Paradigm looks through an Eos family console

I'm wondering if this is possible to do from a console. I'm currently working with an Ion v2.6.2.9 and I want to be able to trigger scenes in my Paradigm system with a macro on the console, so at the end of the show I can have an RTC function handle all of my post-show stuff automatically, and also "hand over" control to the architectural system so the people who stick around can turn off the house lights when they leave. Is this something I can do or is Paradigm control restricted only to the wall stations/touchscreens/etc?

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  • paradigm can handle UDP strings and i'm sure they can trigger stuff. but you will need to contact your dealer to have the paradigm side prepared for that
  • Please let us know what you find out. Specifically what information does the dealer need to know to set this up, and if the dealer can update a configuration file off site which you can then load to your system. It would be a major time saver to have this with our booth three flights and a long hall away from the nearest Paradigm button panel.

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    You might prefer to use the Paradigm button app. If the system is already on a network it would take very little to make it work.
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    You're most likely going to need a technician on site either way. I would have that person set up both UDP and the Paradigm Mobile Button Station app so you have the best of both worlds.

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