Paradigm LigthDesigner V


I need some help if anyone can because I'm starting now.
I have this error while trying to download (according to the figure),, does anyone know how I can solve it?


Sync Status: Unknown

Timed out the download

Thank you

  • Hi Brucek

    I think it's okay, because I have


  • Is your firewall turned off (or do you have an exception allowed for LD)?

    I'm not sure this would solve the overall issue, but you could retrieve the configuration from the processor with a thumb-drive and then open it on your computer with Light Designer.

    One other thing you might want to try first:

    Would you be able to change your IP address of your computer to and try that before you try the thumb drive method?

  • How much network cable is involved? I've had timeouts when trying to download configs over long cable runs. Can you try directly connected to the front port of the P-ACP?

    Your IP/mask looks correct but I'd avoid for your computer since that's the default IP for P-CCS and you'll cause a collision if you connect to a network with a static IP already in use. 

  • Hi,

    The network cable has 3m.

    I already changed the IP to finish in 100 and it does not solve, it starts the download and when it reaches 49% it always gives timeout.

    Thank you

  • Try closing LightDesigner and right clicking on the shortcut to Run As Administrator. It is possible that it is trying to save the downloaded file in a location that Windows has abstracted from the program if you have certain UAC controls turned on.