Color Not Working On Paradigm

I work in a theater that has an ETC element for main show control (cueing) and we use paradigm button stations to pull up "scenes that for smaller events" I was programming a few things into the button stations a couple of days ago and we have a mostly led color mixing rig and I went to make the scenes on our element console to then record into the button stations and the color and everything worked just fine and then as soon as I programmed it into the button stations and did clear sneak enter on the element all of the color on the stage turned white. Does anyone have any idea why this might be happening and how I might fix it?

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  • my guess is that all the DMX addresses between the element and paradigm are merged using HTP, Highest takes Precedence.

    so you have two sources with competing information for the same addresses. let's look at one LED, it has Intensity, Red, Green, Blue. each of those information takes up one DMX address.

    let's say you set an LED fixture to be 100% on and red.

    Element sends (after sneaking):
    Intens = 0
    Red = 255
    Green = 255
    Blue = 255

    Paradigm sends:
    Intens = 255
    Red = 255
    Green = 0
    Blue = 0

    after merging those two competing sources with the HTP rule you get this:
    Intensity = 255
    Red = 255
    Green = 255
    Blue = 255

    and this equals to a white LED that's full on.

    to make paradigm win you would either need a visit from the dealer who sold your paradigm to change the programming or you would have to make sure that the values the element sends are lower than the paradigms, so that the element values never win. so on the element select your LEDs and put them to Red=0, Green=0, Blue=0, Intens=0 and record this as a cue.

    if you don't want to use Element control and paradigm presets at the same time you can go with the element solution. if you want those two to behave nicely because you want to use both of them simultaneously you would need to have your paradigm setup changed.