Question about Foundry Mini Panels and Architectural Lighting Control

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Simple question....I need a simple solution to control 48 recessed LED can lights with my ETC ColorSource 20 board. We recently installed all new LED stage lighting and now we are addressing our house lights which suck. We had 24 cans with incandescent bulbs. Then our maintenance man replace all those bulbs with LED screw in large bulbs. Dimming is terrible as those 24 are simply pigtailed and plugged into a 4 channel dimmer pack which is daisy-chained in our DMX line. We are adding 24 more cans as our overall light level is VERY low. All will be about ? 30 watts max.

I've read all the ETC pages on dimmers and controls and it seems one of the 8 zone Foundry Mini Panels might meet my needs. I need something to bring power from the house light breakers that has 0-10v dimming and also DMX control. 

Would a Foundry Mini Panel be all I would need? It doesn't seem like I would need any of the smaller in-line relays or 0-10V dimmers as the Mini Panels seem to have all that built in.

I've had 2 licensed electricians come out and both were clueless. Once I find a solution, I can get an electrician to help me wire it and I can wire the DMX part. 

Bottom line....I need someone to point me to exactly what I need to control our LED recessed can house lights with our ETC ColorSource 20 board so they will be fully 0-100% dimmable. 

This is just for one room in our building. Don't need facility wide power distribution/control.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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  • Your best help will come from a local dealer, they can come take a look and even talk to your electricians. There is a dealer finder on the main ETC page.

    Since you are using screw-in retrofits you will need actual dimmers, much like you have now. The mini-panels are switches, not dimmers. There are Foundry dimmers and they might be the solution. Because they are 'universal' dimmers they will do a much better job than your old 4 pack.

    You should also look into the bulbs you are using. Dimming performance on household LED retrofits varies from tolerable to horrible. Screw-in retrofits just don't dim like incandescents or modern stage LEDs.