ETC Unison Legacy Antique System Control Software Needed

Our church “antique” DMX spec Unison lighting panels require some updated external control software, since it has been five and more years since 32 bit Intel machines were easily available, and we do not even have the original computer control software running at all.  And clearly no efforts are underway to update the legacy Unison control software, and most posts on this topic are at least five years old,    

So this begs the question, which of the many DMX lighting control softwares presently available on open market may be used to control these legacy panels please?  And where might one find articles or posts instructing one on that setup please?  

  • Hi there! 

    Out of curiosity, are you looking to reconfigure these panels and change the way the touchscreens and button stations interact with the panel? Or are you just looking to be able to control the panel via DMX? If the latter, then there are many different options for controlling the panel that can either be hardware based or software based. We could put you in touch with our sales team to talk about those options if that would interest you. Otherwise, if you're needing to reconfigure the panel, I would encourage you to reach out to your local dealer or service center. You can find that info here:


    Shawn Fernandez