Unison wall panel record lockout

Is there a way to lockout the record button on unison fader wall panels?  My google-foo has failed me.   

  • Hi RJ! The short answer is yes, you can. However, that depends a bit on the equipment you have and your system configuration.

    I think the best way to answer this is to address your specific project. If you could send me an email and let me know a little more about your system, I can look into it further.

    My first question is if you are using our Unison Legacy processors (pre 2011) or our Unison Paradigm processors (post 2009). Send me an email at Shawn.Fernandez@etcconnect.com and I’ll be happy to help out!



    • Thanks for the reply.   I am no longer at the facility - was doing a service call.  I can get more information next time I am there.   I believe they have 3 ER4s,  2 x 24 circuit for stage dimmers, and 1 x 12 circuit for house lighting.