0-10v zone controllers and class 2 wiring

I thought I would share this because this was something I dealt with and it is kind of undocumented, but was able to figure it through pictures I saw. 

If you want to use class 2 wiring for the 0-10v dimmer wiring, you don’t have to go with a mini panel. You use class 2 wiring with the zone controllers and the voltage separator box (E4VBB). 

Here is how the zone controller comes, with the LV 0-10v wiring coming through the same conduit nipple, This would normally require Class 1 wiring for the dimmer controls

Open up the top cover and you will see the LV wiring go over the relays from the far side of the board

Pull the LV wiring out of the conduit nipple and run them though the slots next to the LV control wiring. This is a foundry box so it has the terminals for DMX, echo controllers will have the echo connect wiring there

Put the top cover back on, taking care keep the wires in the slots

Here you can see the voltage divider of the voltage separator box

Install the controller onto the cover and route the wires into the LV side of the box

Now install the LV cover

  • Hi Eric,

    Thanks for your post. Knowing that there are customers out there who do need an option for Class 2 0-10V is helpful. 

    That said, I would like to urge any customers who are running into this same issue to contact me first so we can discuss options. Oddly enough, when we first started shipping these units we shipped them with the 0-10V wiring as Class 2. Shortly thereafter, we were flooded with feedback that people much preferred to have 0-10V as Class 1 wiring, so we switched it. 

    Finally, It should be noted that any damage done to the unit from opening or modification will not be covered under warranty.  ETC does not recommend opening and modifying equipment in the field. Again, please contact me first if you are in need of a Class 2 0-10V option for these devices.