handling CwMwWwI fixtures with Paradigm


we would like  to change  a hallogen downlights  in  auditorium  with LED fixtures wich could reproduce "red *** effect" - that was  strong wish  from customer.

hopefully we were able to build  a fixtures  with  x3 type of LED source Cool White - 5600K, Neutral White - 4000K and Warm White - 2400K. To drive fixture  we using  x4 DMX Ch - CwMwWw + Master Intensity. from Eos  desk disered "RedShift" work  fine, dimming like  a filament  buld.

But on site we have Paradigm  contro installed 6 years ago l and  I have stucked  with a problem handling CwMwWwI (or WwMwCwI) fixture. From  LD software I could  control  all  parameters  independently,  but I dont have  any instruments to do the same from Touch Screen! I could set function  to the fader to control Cw and Ww but  not to Mw. Color Temp fader also  operate with only Cool and  Warm LEDs.

Probably I missed something,  could anybody help me to find  a lost function?

  • Hi Oleg,

    What version of Paradigm is the system currently running? We added in the ability to control Medium White from a fader in v4.0.1, so I suspect they're running something prior to that. Updating is an option as long as they have P-TS7 touchscreen hardware. The P-LCD hardware cannot run v4.x and higher software, so the hardware would need to be replaced in order to update.

    Alternatively Applications Engineering may be able to create a custom script that can provide the Mw functionality in the version they're running. They can be reached at aesupport@etcconnect.com


  • Chris Price in AE mentioned to me that you are already working with him, so you're in good hands!

  • yes, true! we are looking for  better solution...

    and you are right that we have P-LCD and couldnt  jump over v3.0.1