Question about Button Stations

So we're gearing up to commission a Paradigm system in the coming months, and we have our tech and talking back and forth with them in regards to building the system.

One idea we're looking at with out Inspire 6 Button Stations though, is we have a fairly large room, and Button Stations near various small breakout rooms that also feed into the Main Room.

The idea we have right now, is we would like to use each Button Station to locally control the room it's in, but if you press and hold the button, "ALL" of the rooms will change to that preset as well. (I say All because Some rooms on the system wouldn't be controlled from this function).

I'm pretty sure the answer is yes, because Paradigm is awesome like that, but this should be feasible with the button stations right?

On a similar note, If the "entire" space was on, and you used one of these button stations to turn off your local room, will the Paradigm change the indicator lights for the Off button, to distinguish between "This Local Room is off, but there are other lights on in this system" and, "All lights in this system are off"

Ideally, Press Button 6, room turns off in 5 seconds, Indicator is Amber, showing the other rooms are above 0%. Press and Hold the Button, indicator Changes to Red as The other spaces are now fading off as well.

Likewise, when turning on, Press Button 1 for Worklights in Local Room only, Indicator is Green. Press and Hold Button 1, Indicator turns Blue showing all Spaces are in this preset.

Lastly, did this make sense the way I explained it? I haven't ever commissioned a Paradigm System, but I think I understand how it works and what we need it to do. But conveying those ideas in a way that makes sense, I'm definitely not so certain about.

  • What you describe won't quite work, in the precise way you describe it, and the reason for this is that all actions and indicator of a button can only take place within one space. Additionally the indicator can only watch one of the three assignable actions on an Inspire station button.

    There are a few ways around this that might work for your situation:

    1) Often in scenarios with multiple rooms those rooms are also divisible by physical walls, and in Paradigm a programmer can add virtual walls between spaces as well. When a wall is open between two (or more) spaces, and a button is pushed on the local station, that action extends into the other spaces. This option may not be ideal for your situation, since you don't mention any openable/closable walls.

    2) The programmer could set up a macro, that activates or deactivates presets in all spaces, and the push and hold action turns this macro on or off. This would get you the action functionality you desire, but due to the limits of the indicator, you will either (A) only get indication for the local space and nothing for the macro, or (B) you'll get indication for the macro/other spaces, but not the local space.

    3) This option is a bit less elegant, but each physical station can have multiple virtual pages. Each virtual page can have unique control and indicator assignments per button, so perhaps Page 1's button are local controls and Page 2's buttons are controls for all the spaces. Inspire stations are unique in that they have a dedicated page-change switch, but the faceplate must be removed to access this switch. If you're interested in this route your technician could program a secondary action on a button to change the page, allowing easier access to that function.

    Hope this helps!