Belden 8471 Wire, not the best option?

I was reviewing the specs for Echo and Paradigm Button Stations, and we all know Belden 8471 is the recommended wire for the Stations.

But then I was wondering, in regards to the ground wire, why does 8471 not have a ground and shielding included in it?

Wouldn't it make sense to order 1 Cable type that doesn't need a Drain Wire run additionally?

Then I started to wonder if that means the Drain Wire isn't really meant to shield or run alongside the signal wire.

SO I guess I'm just confused on what the purpose of the drain wire is, if it's not meant to be part of the shielding for the signal wire, or if there is a reason not to spec a Cable with shielding.

  • The drain is for static drain from the user shuffling their feet and then touching the station and not for signal shielding. This protects the station electronics from damage. In fact, due to the nature of the communication across the wire, shielding often hurts rather than helps communication so it is important that you not pull a shielded wire for stations.

    If you are in need of approved alternates to Belden 8471, check out:

  • hmm, that's an interesting take on it. So that's why it's said you can run the drain wire to any earth ground.

    Then I guess a Belden Cable with a twisted pair and a jacketed ground would still be better, in cases where you are running the drain back to the Station Power Supply. But I guess, that's when you would just pull a Green Wire with the Belden

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