Paradigm 7" Touchscreen Setup Menu

Hello, I had a quick question about the Paradigm Touchscreen menu.

If I were to download a new system configuration onto a flash drive, it is possible to upload it to the entire Paradigm system through one of the touchscreens rather than doing it from the PACP, correct? I figured out by reading the manual that pressing the mode button once will allow me to get to the setup menu where I can then travel to file, load file.

After loading the file, how would I go about exiting the setup menu on the touchscreen and getting back to the normal configuration screen display?

Thanks for the help!

  • While you do find Save/Load options on the touchscreen, that is for the touchscreen configuration only. The Paradigm system at-large must be uploaded directly to the processor(s). Note, that if you're loading an updated touchscreen configuration to the touchscreen, that also must be integrated into the Paradigm configuration on the processor, which can only be complete by ETC certified technicians.

    From the Setup menu on the touchscreen, you can tap OK or Cancel in the bottom-right corner to return to normal operations.