3 processors, one touch screen

Using Light Designer, can one touch screen trigger a preset in 3 different processors?

I have a large site with 3 systems, each with a touch screen, they want one button on one screen to turn on/off lights in all 3 systems.  All 3 are on the same network, different universes. 

  • Hi Scott,

    When you say theree are 3 systems, do you mean they are isolated Paradigm projects? Or do you mean there are 3 Paradigm Processors that are all under the same project? In other words, does each processor know the other exists? 

    If they are all under the same project, you could absolutely create a button on the touchscreen that turns off multiple spaces at a time. If they're not aware of each other and they all exist within different projects, it could in theory be possible with some UDP strings. However, at that point, it would probably just be easier to have them all within the same project. 


  • Thanks.  Right now, there all different projects.  Each one has been added/upgraded from the old Unison system with the floppy disks.  One of the configuration changes every few months as the space is used for new exhibits (were a museum). 

    It would be nice to have one of the touch panels turn on/off the other spaces so I don't have to walk all over the place twice each day.

    can one pressor see if a channel, lets say Universe 2, Channel 1 is 5% or higher and trigger a macro in that unit?  Or would a UDP work better.  I never used the paradigm to send/receive UDP yet, might be my next thing to tackle.


  • Hi Scott,

    When Paradigm processors are in separate projects, they are intended to function independently. Without reconfiguring the systems to fold them into a single project, UDP messaging between systems is probably the easiest solution, since the UDP messaging can be very specific about which action you want to execute on the other processor. A single UDP message can be assigned directly to a button, but if you want to execute something in multiple systems concurrently, then a macro sending multiple UDP messages will work as well. 

    As Shawn mentioned, they could be re-architected into one project, which would allow direct assignment of actions to buttons. Alternatively a Paradigm Central Control Server could be purchased and added, and they can still be separate projects, but combined into a Server project. You still wouldn't be able to directly assign actions of another project into a button on a station, but you could assign those actions into macros to accomplish that....OR build a Virtual Touchscreen (VTS) that is capable of talking to all three projects.

    Are you a ETC Certified Tech with a dealer, or are you the end-user at the museum? If the latter does your site have LightDesigner? If so implementing UDP messaging shouldn't be too difficult, but if your interested in combining them into a single project or adding a PCCS, that work would be best accomplished by a dealer.