Auto renaming in Lightdesign 5.x?

I have a bunch of buttons for zones....about 200 of them.  They currently display their zone names : i.e  "zone 72", etc etc

I WANT them to display JUST the zone number, i.e" "72", etc etc

Is there a way to rename only part of a text label?  If I select all, they all become the same.

There must be a shortcut I'm not remembering?

  • In LightDesigner 5.0.1 you have two options available for re-naming channels:

    1. Use the Find & Replace feature in Sheets view. Select the space containing the channels, and switch to Sheets view. At the top-right of Sheets view is a button with a magnifying glass, which when pressed expands two text fields and three additional buttons. In the left "Find text" field type in the text you'd like to replace; in your case type in "Zone ", making sure to add a space at the end of the word. Leave the "Replace with" field blank, since you want to eliminate the text entirely. Next repeatedly click the button just to the right of the Replace With field. Every time you click the button it automatically finds the next name with "Zone " and replaces it with nothing, leaving the existing # that was previously at the end of the channel name. This feature was added in 4.2.0. More info: Using Find and Replace
    2. New to LightDesigner 5.0.1, the Load Schedule ODS export/import now includes the channel user #, allowing you to mass re-name channels. Export the Load Schedule, change the names of the channels in your favorite spreadsheet editor, then import into LD and choose the [Match Number] option. Some additional info here: Import/Export Paradigm 5.0.1 Load Schedule Changes