Paradigm Touchscreen App VNC Error

Hi all,

I tried to set up my phone to control our newly installed touchscreen, I have everything configured on my end correctly, at least it appears that way. When I go to connect however it gets very close but then at the top of my device it says "Connection failed vnc error" I have the password and IP input correctly, is there something I may have missed??

Any help would be appreciated 

  • Is this the Paradigm Touchscreen Remote app for connecting to a P-TS7?  

    if so, there are 2 things you’ll need to make sure - 1) that on the touchscreen in the setup menu you have turned on App access and set an security passcode. Without that you won’t be able to connect. 2) that your WiFi network puts you on the same network as your touchscreen.  

    With both of those set, it should simply connect. 

  • Yes it is, 

    App access was turned on yesterday and the passcode was entered into the app. It is seeing that something exists as it goes to connect but then displays a black screen with this message "Connection Failed No password configured through VNC Auth" 

    Sometimes it just gets stuck on "Loading"