Paradigm Touchscreen App without the physical screen

I've only tried setting up the  Touchscreen app once, and it's when I had a physical touchscreen or two to use. With the long lead times currently being faced, could a touchscreen in the  LD config be used by the touchscreen app without the physical hardware? Either the touchscreen or PCCS is serving up the touchscreen to be used, and without that someone can't get to it without LD, right? 

  • The Touchscreen Remote app is specifically for use with P-TS7. As   mentioned that requires having a physical touchscreen. However the P-CCS does not require having a physical touchscreen to host a VTS (Virtual Touchscreen), but it does require a PC or Mac on a wired Ethernet connect to use the VTS software to connect to the P-CCS. But that can also be accessible on a corporate network through the P-CCS' secondary NIC, so opens up some additional options that you don't have otherwise, even if it's not wireless and on a cell phone.

  • I like this idea too Chris!  +5 Points to you too!  
    I should have thought about this, I actually had this setup this way at my old venue.  We even built a config designed around the our phone's screen ratio.  

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