Overriding the Inactivity Page?

I've an inactivity page set on Paradigm Touch Screens via control designer... 

On triggering of an external contact, I can macro all required states including a page change... however, the inactivity page kicks in regardless of contact still being engaged... 

Is there a 'correct' procedure to 'override' this? 

Many Thanks. 

  • There isn't a way to override the inactivity timeout, which automatically occurs after X time with no physical activity at the station. In ControlDesigner you can set the Inactivity Timeout to 'Never' to prevent it from occurring at all, or extend the length of time. Additionally you have the display timeout on the hardware itself, which doesn't navigate away from the page at all, but just turns off (or dims) the display. For example if the P-TS7 display timeout is set to 5 minutes, and the inactivity time is set to 60 minutes, after the screen goes to sleep, if you wake it up before it hits 60 minutes of inactivity it will still be on the last page.

  • That's a shame, thought it might be simpler than this but...I think I've established a workaround to overcome.... created condition Macro, and set contact as a repeating button.

    Seems to work in practice, will see how it works in the real world. 

    Thanks for your help Chris. 

  • You could use a trigger with conditional logic in the macro:

    page change to idle page sets the trigger.  Trigger calls macro if contact active change page to… else stay on idle page.  This saves the processor time from the repeating button.

  • This works very well, thanks Pippin. 
    The repeating button works, but is not a reliable source... as if the contact releases at the wrong moment, the page/macro isn't switched off/released. 

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