Arch Config Failed to Load

I am trying to upload an Architectural Configuration on a company P-ACP but I am facing this issue where whenever I load the config via USB drive (Copy the .pcf file to a USB drive, then go to File Operations > Load Arch Config > Load from USB Media), the P-ACP will just give me an error message saying, "Arch Config Failed to Load". What could possibly be the reason for this error? 

  • Here are three possibilities that came to mind:

    1) What are the Paradigm firmware version of the P-ACP and the Light Designer file that you're trying to upload?  The file might not be able to load because the firmware versions are different (i.e. you edited and saved the new config in a Light Designer version that's different than what the P-ACP is running).  Although it's natural to upgrade a system to the newest version, if you have any P-LCD touchscreens (as opposed to the current P-TS7 model), you'll only be able to upgrade the system to v3. because the P-LCD is incompatible with v4.0.0 and above.

    2) What's the capacity of the USB drive you're using, because I've had large capacity USB drives "brick" a P-ACP.  I carry a 512 MB USB drive for uploading and downloading configs from a P-ACP.

    3) The compact flash card may be the problem, especially if it's an older, San Disk 4GB Ultra compact flash card.  if this is the case, you'll need a "Compact Flash (CF) Memory Card Formatted", part #A142-CFG, to replace the failing one.

  • Hi Adam, thanks for listing me the possible cause of it. Just to check, will the P-ACP be able to read an Arch Config of a v3.1.0 when it is running on v3.1.1? or does it have to be the same version exactly? 

  • All configurations written in LighDesigner v3.1.0 can be loaded to P-ACPs running v3.1.0, v3.1.1, or v3.1.2.

  • Thanks Chris!  I knew about v3.1.1, but I wasn't aware that a v3.1.2 had been released.

  • Hi everyone! Turns out it was the Compact Fash card that was faulty and creating the problem. Got it replaced with a spare I borrowed and now the P-ACP is able to load an arch config and is even able to be updated into the newer version. Big thanks once again everyone!